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IPSEN (Dysport)


Ipsen is a French company located in Paris, France. It focuses on neuroscience, oncology, and rare diseases. Founded by Henri Beaufour back in 1929, the company has over 5700 employees all over the world, and it markets over 20 drugs in 115 countries. The Beaufour family still owns 57% of the shares, as well as 73% voting rights with two of their members still in the board of directors.   

One of the products in its portfolio is Dysport, which is a muscle relaxant. The product contains botulinum toxin Type A, and comes in 500 unit and 300-unit variants. Although mostly known for its prowess in cosmetic operations wherein it stops certain muscles from contracting, allowing the skin to heal and lessen wrinkles, it can also be used in therapeutic cases where the muscles are spasming or aren’t being controlled. 


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