Filorga Laboratories (Fillmed) | About the Brand



One of the major players in the anti-aging scene is FillMed. Originally called Filorga Medical, the group’s medicine branch went through a rebranding phase back in 2018 and is now called FillMed. It was founded back in 1978 by Dr. Michel Tordjman, a French doctor whose specialty lied in cell biology. He is known in the industry as a developer of an internationally-known line of hyaluronic acid-based range of injectables that are able to rejuvenate key components of dermal health. Because of his hard work, Filorga Laboratories was born and is now known as the first French laboratory focused on aesthetic medicine.

Initially introduced to the UK in 2016 by Rebecca Denham by their original name Filorga Medical, the brand has continued to grow all over the world. Known and distributed in over 40 countries worldwide, FillMed have shown dedication and results in the aesthetic medicine space since 1978. They also make sure to put the safety and comfort of users in the forefront, and they follow stringent product quality standards, and are also ISO123485 certified. Being experts in developing anti-aging products, patients who make use of their wide range of treatment solutions based in hyaluronic acid are assured of their effectivity and longevity.


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