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Filorga Bright Peel

Buy Filorga Bright Peel for your patients that want a new layer of healthier, brighter skin. The formulation is a medical-grade chemical peel designed for normal skin, and was formulated to smoothen and brighten the skin tone by regenerating younger cells on the dermis.

What Makes a Good Candidate?

Some experts have said that Filorga Bright Peel has a universal composition, meaning that almost anybody that is aged 18 years old and older are able to request for this product. This product, however, was formulated to make dark spots and wrinkles fade by brightening the skin, and contain ingredients specifically used for fighting signs of aging. It is a great option for patients who wish for non-intrusive options in professional skin care.

Areas Treated with Filorga Bright Peel

The treatment is used specifically on the face to boost the production of newer, younger skin cells as well as remove the old, dry cells to create a brighter and more hydrated look.

How does Filorga Bright Peel work?

Multiple elements and situations can cause the skin on the face to have dark spots and wrinkles, including the passage of time itself. Because of this, the skin of the face can easily lose its radiance, making patients look gaunt and tired. Filorga Bright Peel is able to create a brighter and more even skin tone by slowly making the old skin cells peel away, and at the same time boost eh natural growth of new and healthier cells. Those new cells will not have the previous signs of aging or exposure that the old cells showed, making the skin look rejuvenated and fresh.

The solution contains a 50% peel complex, and has active ingredients like phytic acid, cirtic acid, gluconolactone, and glycolic acid. It has an overall 1.5 pH.

Treatment Details

Dependent upon local legislation, this product was intended to be applied only by authorized medical professionals. The solution is applied in a span of four treatments, with each session being spaced 2 weeks apart. The schedule will be dependent on the clinic’s discretion, determined via clinical testing. Prior to application, the patient’s skin pH level should be balanced by using a pre-peel product or other means. Around 2.5 to 3ml of Filorga Bright Peel solution should be put into the dispenser tube included in the package, and then applied to the skin using the brush.

The solution should stay on the skin for 3 minutes. Neutralizing the peel is the next step, where a post-peel product can be used such as Filorga Post Peel. Afterwards, the entire application area is to be cleaned and rinsed using a compress or wet cotton pad.

How Long Does Filorga Bright Peel Last?

The total amount of time that the effects show on the patient is variable, as it depends on the lifestyle as well as physiology of the patient. However, generally speaking the product has shown to last for about 1 to 2 months, and adding maintenance treatments after 4 initial treatments can extend the duration of effects.

Safety Information

This product has the CE mark of approval, lending to its high safety profile. The plant where the solution is manufactured also has an ISO certification 14644 and 13485. However, there are some contraindications disqualifying certain patients from use.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Have a dark skin tone
  • Susceptibility to hypertrophic scarring
  • Have Autoimmune disease
  • Underwent recent skin surgery with open wounds
  • Recently undergone laser or radiation therapy in the treatment area
  • Have skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) in the treatment area
  • Have used irritant or drug medication that affect keratinization
  • Have Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients
  • Minors

Other Side Effects 

These effects are for the most part fleeting and will last up to a week at most. If these persist, patients are urged to visit the doctor immediately.

  • Flaking skin
  • Skin rash
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Lesions od edema

Recovery Time

There is little to no necessary downtime when using this product and normal activities can be continued immediately after treatment.

Cost of Filorga Bright Peel

The average cost of Filorga Bright Peel is around $110 per unit. Each box will contain a single 100ml bottle of the solution, a dosing tube, and a brush.

Bottom Line

As far as exfoliating peel solutions go, Filorga is one of the more effective and trustworthy ones. With it being able to give patients a fresh new look with continued maintenance and treatment, this is a product definitely worth keeping in stock.

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Quantity Price
1 - 5 $119.00
6 - 10 $115.00
11 - 20 $112.00
21+ $110.00