APP Pharmaceuticals (Emla) | About the Brand



APP Pharma is a company focused on the creation, production, and distribution of various anesthetic products. A company of the Fresenius Kabi Group, it has an impressive product portfolio in the anesthesia space, and is actually able to keep up with the massive demand on some substances, which include propofol, where they are able to meet the demand of the entire US market. They focuse on anesthetic/analgesis, anti-infective, oncology, and critical care markets, and have over 1800 employees.  

One of their products is EMLA, a topical cream that combines two well-known and highly trusted substances for anesthetic purposes. It combines both lidocaine and prilocaine, and is used in normal procedures where injection is expected, and it can also be used in instances where the sexual organs of the patients will be undergoing a procedure or operation. The solution effectively blocks the nerve signals in that particular area of the body, making it so that only pressure and touch are felt with little to no pain. 


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