EMLA™ 5x5g

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25mg/ml 5-5g aluminum tube


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1 - 5 $49.00
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EMLA Cream  

Buy EMLA Cream for your patients who want to be comfortable during operations. EMLA is a cream that is also a local anesthetic that makes use of both prilocaine and lidocaine. It is mostly used to numb the skin or membrane surfaces especially on the sexual organs.

Who are the best candidates?

EMLA Cream is best used on and by patients that are to undergo minor surgery or medical procedures on the penis or vagina.

Areas targeted with EMLA Cream

These are just some places where this product is recommended to be used on:

  • Multiple areas of the skin where a needle insertion is planned
  • Genital mucosa prior to surgical procedures
  • Leg ulcers before mechanical cleansing/debridement

How does EMLA Cream work?

EMLA cream is an emulsion wherein the oil phase is a kind of mixture between prilocaine and lidocaine at a 1:1 ratio by weight. Both of these ingredients are active substances which are both local anesthetics. The solution works by numbing the area or the surface of the target area for a short while, and will then help patients feel a lot less pain when undergoing certain procedures or operations. Pressure and touch are still there though, but the pain will either be negligible or absent altogether.

Treatment Details

EMLA cream can be applied by patients by themselves, and depending on the situation, might need to be applied up to 4 hours before a surgery. It is recommended to use only as much as the doctor recommends, as if it is applied in too large an amount, the body might absorb too much of the substance, which can have a negative impact. If need be, cover the area where EMLA is applied to ensure the medicine is kept in place.

How long does it last?

It can vary from case to case, but the numbing properties more often than not last for around 2 to 4 hours.

Safety Information

Patients should avoid using this product if they have a known hypersensitivity to either of the active ingredients. Patients should make sure to inform the doctor if they have a liver disease, methemoglobinemia, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, or a family history of them. They should also say if they are pregnant or breastfeeding as this may have an effect on the baby.

Other Side Effects 

These are some of the more common side effects when using this product:

  • Itching or rash
  • Changes in skin color
  • Mild burning

These are some more severe but very rare reactions

  • Sever burning where it was applied
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Confusion, blurred vision, drowsiness
  • Bruising on the area
  • Unusual sensations of temperature

This is not a full list, check the flyer for a comprehensive list.

Recovery Time 

EMLA should never come into contact with the eyes or mouth. If this does happen, make sure to rinse with water immediately. Patients should also be aware of having the area medicated come into contact with very hot or very cold surfaces.

Cost of EMLA Cream  

5 tubes of EMLA cream at 35g would average for around $50.

Bottom line

With a combination of the two anesthetics prilocaine and lidocaine, it is no wonder that EMLA cream is so effective. But with that strength comes some danger, so both patients and doctors should be careful when recommending or using this product.

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EMLA™ 5x5g


Quantity Price
1 - 5 $49.00
6 - 10 $48.00
11 - 20 $47.00
21+ $46.00