Williams Medical Supplies (T Safe CU 380a) | About the Brand



Located in Wales, Williams Medical Supplies Ltd, also known as WMS is both manufacturer and retailer of various medical products to a lot of primary and secondary care markets. It is considered the largest supplier to the general practice offices in the UK, with a vast portfolio of products that range from pharmaceuticals to surgical equipment. It was founded back in 1986 and has an employee base of 160 people in the head office. It holds the honor of being voted one of the Best 100 Small Companies to Work for back in 2005, and also showed one of the fastest-growing profits in a two-year period in 2006.  

One of their products is T Safe CU 380a. It is a copper IUD, or intrauterine device that protects women from unwanted pregnancy for a period of up to 10 years, after which another one may be applied. It has a success rate of over 99% over a one-year time period, and features a design that is not only optimal for efficacy, but also lessens the chances of it getting prematurely ejected.  


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