Sinclair Pharma (Silhouette Soft)

SINCLAIR PHARMA (Silhouette Soft)


Sinclair Pharma is a well-known company in the aesthetics space that employs and distributes in many countries all over the world. Headquartered in London, UK the group has a varied portfolio with multiple differentiated yet complementary aesthetics solutions mostly focused on the stimulation of collagen production in the body. They directly have over 500 people in their employ, with the aforementioned London office being the HQ, and the administration processes mostly conducted in offices in Chester, UK. They also have offices Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, Mexico City, Madrid, Warsaw, and Sao Paolo.  

By far the most well-known product in their portfolio is Silhouette Soft, one of the leading PLLA sutures in the market. These are biocompatible and biodegradable sutures that are used in operations where folds and wrinkles are extremely severe, and need more than just volume to hold the skin. The sutures are inserted into the areas of correction and will not only hold the tissue and skin in place, but will also kick start the collagen generation process, so that after the threads are absorbed by the body, they leave behind a solid framework for the skin to hold onto. The treatments where Silhouette Soft is used have been lauded as some of the most effective and safest dermal procedures. 




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