Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

Where does Peak Medical Wholesale ship?

We are able to ship our products to many countries around the world. If you have any questions about shipping to your particular location, you can contact one of our customer service representatives for more information. 

How much does shipping cost?

We offer FREE and PAID shipping rates depending on your order size, as well as your location.

Which shipping company does Peak Medical Wholesale use?

We make use of various partners and means to ship our products, which we deliberate to ensure better service to each customer. When your order ships out, we will inform you of your shipping method and tracking number. 

When will my order arrive?

Once we process your order, we will ship your order out within the next business day. Transit times may vary, but most orders arrive within 4-10 days. Rarely, an item may not be available immediately, but we will inform you when you place your order if there will be a delay. We will send you tracking information so you have a better idea of when your order will arrive at your location.

All prices and orders are ex-works at the shipping location in Europe. Importation and compliance with your local laws and regulatory authorities are solely your responsibility.  

Return Policy

If you have an issue with your order, contact Peak Medical Wholesale immediately. Our customer service representatives will let you know if your order qualifies and give you further instructions on how to return or exchange your purchases. Because Peak Medical Wholesale sells medical and skincare products, we can only accept returns or offer exchanges under certain circumstances. Your customer service representative can give you more information.

Which orders may qualify for a refund? 

  • Orders that arrive damaged.
  • Product/s proved to be inactive or defective when used.
  • We misrepresented the product and its packaging when you placed your order.
  • The product was recalled.

What information do I need to return a product?

When you contact customer service, provide your account number and order number. If you have received an inactive or defective product, be sure to provide the lot number and expiry date of the product in question. If you use a medical device in a procedure, always keep this lot number and expiry date information in the client’s file. You will need this information in case the item needs to be recalled or is defective or inactive.

How should I return an item?

When you return any product, you must return it in similar packaging to the packaging it arrived in. For example, pad a product with bubble wrap or use a cooler and ice packs to return a refrigerated product. Your customer service representative will give you more information on how and where to return an item, if applicable.

How do I get a refund or exchange?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to choose between receiving a replacement product or a refund. We will deliver your replacement item to the same shipping address as the original, or you will receive an account credit for any applicable refund. You can use this account credit toward a future purchase of the same or a different product. We require a full picture of the back and front of the damaged product prior to providing a refund.

Will I always qualify for a refund or exchange?

We offer returns, refunds, and exchanges at our own discretion. We cannot guarantee we will accept a return or offer a refund or exchange every time. However, we do our best to ensure you will be happy with your medical supply order. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, contact us for more information.