Regen Biotech (PowerFill) | About the Brand



Regen Biotech is a bio-venture company that focuses products meant for commercialization. Their products are also co-developed with the Medical Science Center, which is the Biology Department of KAIST, as well as many of the leading research institutes located in Korea. They are also the possessors of one of if not the leading technology of fabricating scaffolds meant for therapeutic tissue regeneration in the world. The company is also stepping up their artificial organ development like cartilages for bones and livers.     

One of the group’s products is PowerFill. This solution makes use of PLA, or poly-lactic-acid as a means to enhance penile girth. IT makes use of neocollagenisis to create a solid collagen framework to increase the volume in male genitalia. The sources of its components are safe and renewable, leading to a formulation that is hypoallergenic. 





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