Prollenium Medical Technologies (Revanesse) | About the Brand



Prollenium is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid based in Ontario, Canada. The company has a portfolio of various kinds of dermal fillers, as well as skin care and cosmeceutical products that have helped patients’ natural repair process to rejuvenate their skin and tissues. Their products have the ability to stimulate the natural production of newer collagen, and the company has been providing their services since 2002.  

One of their more popular product lines is Revanesse, and the lines makes use of Thixofix Technology to process the hyaluronic acid in their formulas, making more effective links between the molecules and creating an optimally viscous gel which is easily injected through needles with little to no degradation. The products in the line have shown not only their effectiveness, but also their high standard of safety by achieving both the CE mark and FDA approval, showcasing a safety profile that most patients would be happy to see. 


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