Professional Derma (Jalupro) | About the Brand



Professional Derma is a well-known biotech company which has found success in introducing and developing top-of-the-line skin rejuvenating products which rely on natural revitalization and healing. These are mostly leveraged by making use of amino acids, compounds which are known as one of the safest and most effect anti-aging substances available on the market.  

The laboratory has its headquarters in Lugano, Switzerland and was first established in 2006. With innovation as their spearhead and driving force, they have made themselves one of the forerunners in terms of manufacturing and design of some of the most well-trusted modern solutions to a vast area of medical fields, including aesthetic medicine.   

One of the products in their portfolio, Jalupro, focuses on combining the hydrating effects of hyaluronic acid with the rejuvenating properties of certain amino acid clusters. These proprietary formulas have seen great success, as the Jalupro line makes use of the patented mixtures to seemingly turn back the hands of time, and help patients all over to regain healthy, youthful skin. 



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