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Plasmolifting is a company that creates, manufactures, and supplies some of the most unique specialized blood collection tubes in the world. The company name is also the method of therapy that Russian scientists Renat R Akhmerov and Roman F. Zarudy have developed after years of research. Their studies have found that some of the most beneficial tissue rejuvenating substances for skin health is already found in our very own blood.   

Intracellular substances and elements all have their own role to play in our body, with erythrocytes providing tissue respiration, and leukocytes giving protection to the body against infections, and so on and so forth. Platelets are there to facilitate the blood clotting processes, however, they are also beneficial in the sense that they stimulate the growth and survival of tissues. Plasmolifting has leveraged these abilities and created a treatment wherein these rejuvenating processes are harnessed by their products, and given to the patients that need them.   

Today, Plasmolifting is a fast-growing company, having been able to create a vast and efficient distribution network that includes CIS countries, the Russian Federation, as well as the EU and Switzerland. Not only do they create the materials and tools, they also provide training to the health professionals that wish to make use of their technology in their practice, in order to ensure high safety and efficacy of the processes, and to offer their services to as many patients as possible. 


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