Merz Aesthetics (Xeomin) | About the Brand



With experience spanning over a century, Merz Pharma is known throughout the globe as one of the forerunners in the aesthetic medicine space. Founded in Frankfurt, Germany over 110 years ago by a young chemist and pharmacist named Friedrich Merz, the company is still owned by the family, with the current owner being the fourth generation Merz to do so. However, Merz wasn’t always focused on skincare and it actually has history of focusing on dental products and even Alzheimer disease research. With three businesses under its wing, the company has global headquarters and laboratories, with Merz Aesthetics being at the forefront of its beautifying efforts.      

One of the product lines in their impressive portfolio is Xeomin, a flexible product that can be used in both cosmetic procedures and medical treatments. It contains that very powerful and very effective botulinum toxin type A, a muscle relaxant that stops nerve activity in the muscles, minimizing activity. This is useful in cosmetics as when the muscles no longer move as much, the skin around them no longer exacerbates wrinkles, and will in fact start to smoothen out the wrinkles, in some instances having them disappear. For medical treatments, it can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including upper limb spasticity and chronic drooling in children, as well as cervical dystonia and muscle spasms in adults. 



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