Matex Lab SPA (Neauvia) | About the Brand



Matex Lab SPA is a company that started back in 2014 and is based in Ginevra, Switzerland. They provide an extremely wide variety of medical products that help patients in various fields, but most especially, they have the Neauvia line for their dermal portfolio. Neauvia itself is actually older than Matex Lab, being established in 2012 but Matex does manufacture their products.  

Neauvia now has multiple production sites all over the world, including subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Spain, the UK, Poland, Germany, Italy, and the USA. They are focused in providing products that not only target and enhance the aesthetic health of the patient, but they also do in an iconic approach that is still backed by clinical data and science. They combine rejuvenation therapies that are not only scientifically proven, but will grant superior results as shown by their clinical data.   

The company also utilizes PEG technology in crosslinking hyaluronic acid, giving their products extremely high tolerability and safety profiles, allowing their solutions to be easily integrated into numerous anatomical planes. Creating products both for men and women, this line is not just effective, but also does its best to ensure as many patients as possible are exposed to their impressive effects. 


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