Labertoires Vivacy (Stylage) | About the Brand



Laboratoires VIVACY is a France-based manufacturer which specializes in the production, development, and distribution of hyaluronic acid-based injectable medical devices for anti-aging and aesthetic uses. Since its founding back in 2007 it has set itself as a major player in the aesthetic medicine space, especially in Europe, and the group has exported many of their products to more than 80 countries all over the world.   

There are three main brands or products in the VIVACY portfolio, with STYLAGE being its premier dermal filler. Stylage makes use of the rejuvenating effects of both hyaluronic acid and mannitol in their products, creating a soft gel that is not only suitable for smooth integration with the tissue, but will also create a protective barrier from damage caused by toxins. It covers a variety of symptoms like moderate to severe skin depressions, wrinkles, and fine lines. It also has products that are designed to volumize thin lips that appear caused by both aging, as well as genetics. 


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