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IBSA (Viscoderm Hydrobooster) 


IBSA Institut Biochimique, or simply known as IBSA, is a multinational group that focuses on the pharmaceutical space. The production facilities and the research and development laboratories are found in Italy, China, and of course, Switzerland where the headquarters are also located. They also operate in well over 80 countries in 5 continents, and they also have 20 subsidiaries in the USA, China, and Europe. They employ well over 2000 people all distributed throughout their subsidiaries, headquarters, and manufacturing plants.      

One of the many products in their portfolio is Viscoderm Hydrobooster. This product gives the optimal level of hydration to many areas of the skin, as well as top-notch water retention to ensure that dry and flaky skin doesn’t show up for quite a long time. The product is also used by doctors to stretch out the skin that sees the most motion, thereby smoothening out the wrinkles that usually pop out in those areas. The hyaluronic acid the formulation uses is cross-linked, meaning the HA lasts longer, which usually equate to longer lasting fillers. 


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