GlaxoSmithKline (Cervarix) | About the Brand



GSK plc, is a multination pharmaceutical company that has its headquarters in London, England. Primarily a British group, it was established via merger of the Glaxo Wellcome and SMithKline Beecham, and was the sixth largest pharmaceutical company as of 2019 according to Forbes. The company is known to be the first developer of the malaria vaccine, and their legacy products include several that are listed in the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines; these include amoxicillin, pyrimethamine, zidovudine, and mercaptopurine.    

One of the products in their vast portfolio is Cervarix. It is a vaccine that is intended for use on female patients aged 9 to 25 years old, and it is able to prevent various kinds of cancer of the vulva, cervix, and vagina that are caused by HPV types 16 and 18. The medication is able to allow the immune system to quickly analyze and detect the L1 proteins that make up the shell or capsid of the virus if the patient is infected, thereby allowing for faster immune responses, and leading to lesser symptoms. This also has the ability to help prevent the aforementioned types of cancers caused by HPV, as both real life and clinical study cases have shown. 



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