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Across is a Korea-based company that develops, researches, and manufactures aesthetic medical devices and products. They were founded back in 2009, and has since then been able to provide their products to many patients all over the world. As of 2013, all of their products have been approved by the KFDA, and the Revolax Lidocaine fillers have received the CE Certification. 2012 the same product line also received the ISO certification 13485, meaning the company passed the standards for producing and marketing medical devices.

The Revolax line is their main product line, and is sold in many countries all over the world. They have shown great effectivity in targeting multiple areas of the face, and they also cater to many stages of the aging process, from superficial wrinkles, to deep lines. Their products can also be used as volumizers, and they contain lidocaine, a well-trusted and commonly used anesthetic in dermal fillers and cosmetology products. 


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