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GALDERMA (Restylane)


Galderma is one of, if not he leading company for dermatology. It has been serving consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals all over the world for decades, and their services and products span all throughout the consumer care, prescription medicine, and aesthetics sector. They have worked with an estimated 180,000 healthcare providers internationally, as well as employ over 1200 people in their four manufacturing sites, with 75% of their products being developed and created in-house. All in all, they have over 5,100 employees in 90 countries, and have an audited net sale of over $3 billion in 2020.  

Restylane is just one of their products in their portfolio, and it is perhaps one of the most commercially successful aesthetic medicine lines in the market. The line itself has been in circulation since 1996, with tens of millions of patients receiving the benefits of their formulation. The line is well-known to be a trustworthy producer of products, with them being both CE certified and FDA approved, as well as having some of them showing some of the most long-lasting effects and results.  


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