Fidia Farmaceutici (Hyalgan) | About the Brand



Fidia Farmaceutici is one of the earliest pharmaceutical groups in Italy, founded back in 1946 in Bologna. By 1959 the headquarters moved to Abano Terme in Padua province, and it has stayed there since then. From being bankrupt in 1994 to achieving over $350 million in revenue in 2019, the company has faced many hurdles throughout its long history, and it also has more than its fair share of victories as well. The company offers a wide variety of products in the aesthetic injectable range which include Hyal System, Hyalgan, and Hymovis.  

Hyalgan is a viscosupplement that was developed for advanced treatment in knee osteoarthritis pain, to be used when non-invasive treatment and other pharmaceuticals have failed to provide adequate relief. It contains highly viscous sodium, hyaluronate, and has also been proven to be effective as a therapy replacement, providing relief in lieu of mobility support products or pain killers. 

Hymovis is an intra-articular implant that has the ability to also relive osteoarthritic pain, but can also be used to conservatively treat the meniscal lesion. Making use of patented technology, this product is intended to replace lost or degraded synovial fluid, making the knee joint more flexible and not degrade the connected bones. 


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