Eurogine (Copper IUD) | About the Brand



Eurogine, S.L. is a company based in Spain, and has over three decades of experience in the health field. They dedicate their time and efforts into the research, development, and manufacture of genealogical products meant to help female patients not only healthier, but safer in their day-to-day lives. They collaborate with other Spanish organizations to create their products, and they focus mostly on the creation and distribution of IUDs or intrauterine devices meant for contraception.   

One of the most well-known products they have is their line of copper-lined IUDs. These products make use of copper to wrap around the vertical stem of the device, and in some versions include the horizontal arms as well, which help out a lot in ensuring that the sperm are repelled. This has been extremely effective, as the devices are some of the most effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy, with it having a one-year failure rate of only 0.7%. It is easily reversible, and has been known to last for up to twelve years. It is also approved for use on females of any age, irregardless of whether they have had given birth before or not. 


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