Caregen Nordic (Aquashine) | About the Brand



Caregen is a pharmaceutical laboratory based in South Korea and is widely considered as a global leader when it comes to peptide R and D. It’s known as a global biotechnology group who commercialized the unlimited growth potential of their patented peptides through innovative products since it was first established back in 2001. The company has developed well over 600 different functional peptides since then, and have opened a whole new dimension in biotechnology by expanding the products’ application to class 3 medical devices, food supplements, cosmeceuticals, and pharmaceuticals.   

Aquashine is a line of dermal filler products that belong to some of the latest generation of fillers that were designed to be both effective and long lasting. Created for facial tissue restoration and rejuvenation, Aquashine bring out natural looking, yet overall beautiful improvements to patients’ body and face with procedures and techniques that are both less painful yet fast acting. The products contain high concentrations of biomimetic peptides and hyaluronic acids which maintain the lifting and volumizing effect that patients want. Aquashine products contain efficient and innovative active ingredients which give your patients’ skin that elasticity, which eliminates wrinkles and dark spots. Another upside to the ingredients Aquashine products have is that they are biodegradable in the body, which is one of the cornerstones to its long-lasting, safe results. 


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