BioScience (Hyacorp) | About the Brand



BioScience was first founded in 2006, and has since been focused on developing multiple injectable devices which are target to optimize the various existing treatments, as well as creating and developing other treatment methods in varying medical disciplines. These include urology, dentistry, orthopedics, general surgery, and aesthetic medicine. The company has experience with cooperating with various distributors worldwide, and they have three main lines off Hyacorp, Genefill, and Hyaprof.  

Hyacorp products are crafted with facial rejuvenation, contouring, and body augmentation in mind. The formula of their products in this line are comprised of various kinds of hyaluronic acid with a very specific particle size dependent on the use of the product. The relevant hyaluronic acid used is also double-crosslinked, and is processed with meticulous and top-of-the-line technology for enhanced duration and effects. 


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