Biogen Idec (Tysabri) | About the Brand



Biogen Inc. Is a multinational biotech company that has headquarters in Massachusetts, USA. Mostly an American company, it specializes in the development, discovery, as well as delivery of various therapies that treat neurological diseases to millions of patients all over the world. It was found in 1978 at Geneva by several prominent biologists including but not limited to Phillip Allen Sharp, Walter Gilbert, Heinz Schaller, and Kenneth Murray. Both Sharp and Gilbert later on received Nobel Prizes for Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine respectively.  

One of the products in their portfolio is Tysabri, a medication that is used to treat certain types of multiple sclerosis. In clinical studies the medication was able to lower the number of relapses and remissions, as well as any worsening of disability with 68% reporting less multiple sclerosis attacks after a year. Even on modern forums, shows that 67% of users reported a positive effect and it has a 7.7 out of 10 average rating.  


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