Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals (Jaydess) | About the Brand



Bayer AG is a German multinational, life sciences and pharmaceutical company, and is one of the largest companies in the pharmaceutical space. Based in Leverkusen, their area of business includes agricultural chemicals, consumer healthcare pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology products. It was founded in the 19th century, between dye salesman Friedrich Bayer and dyer Friedrich Weskott.     

One of the products in their large portfolio is Jaydess. It is known as an IUS, or an intrauterine delivery system, and it was designed with the goal of avoiding unwanted pregnancies in mind. It can protect women from pregnancy for 3 years, and with the cumulative chance at failure at less than 1%, it is understood why this product comes highly recommended. It comes in the shape of the letter “T” which is purposefully designed to ensure the device stays inside the womb for the duration of its effects, and won’t be dislodged or ejected. 



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