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Aqualyx is an injectable treatment of cholanic acid sodium salts, basically a modified compound of cholanic acid. It is used in Aqualysis or Aquaplasty, a type of treatment for body contouring, and is also a type of injection like lipotherapy and lipolysis. It was introduced by Professor Pasquale Motolese back in 2009, and the solution has also been called Motolese’s solution. Motolese is the President of the Italian Society of Aesthetics and Medicine, and he is also currently the editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology. He is also a professor in Universita di Ferrara, which is the main university of the city of Ferrara located in northern Italy.   

Aqualyx was first launched in the United Kingdom back in 2013, and it is manufactured by Italian firm Marllor Biomedical. The distributor of the product is also located in the UK, Healthxchange Pharmacy. 


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