Anika Therapeutics (Orthovisc) | About the Brand



Currently headquartered at Bedford, MA Anika Therapeutics was founded back in 1992 as a spinoff of MedChem Products, Inc. Just three years later in 1996, they received their CE Mark approval for their Orthovisc product, a solution geared towards treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms, and eight years later the same product received its FDA approval in the USA. Ever since their creation in almost 30 years ago, the company has developed and manufactured multiple minimally invasive products that aim to provide comfort and relief to patients in orthopedic care.    

Orthovisc is one of their osteoarthritis treatments, and it has an extremely high safety profile considering it has both an FDA approval and a CE mark. It is being marketed, sold, and used in dozens of countries all over the world, and it is also one of Anika’s most trusted treatments available, with over 70% of patients reporting a positive effect when it was used. With such high approval and satisfaction ratings, Orthovisc is a highly recommended product both by clinics and patients alike. 



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