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AMGEN (Prolia)


Amgen Inc is an American multination biopharmaceutical company which has its headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California. It was formerly known as Applied Molecular Genetics Inc, and today is one of the largest independent biotechnology companies. It was established back in 1980, and they have a staff of over 5000 in their location, making them the largest Ventura County employer. Their focus lies in biochemistry and molecular biology, with a goal of providing healthcare business that is based on recombinant DNA technology.  

One of the many products in their portfolio is Prolia, a treatment delivered via injection which contains the active substance denosumab. This ingredient is a monoclonal antibody which targets the antigen RANKL, which is involved in osteoclast activation. This activation then leads to breaking down bone tissue, which Prolia prevents by blocking off the antigen responsible. It has performed well in both real-life and clinical studies and comes highly recommended in many countries. 


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