Alphagan | About the Brand



Alphagan is a product that reduces intraocular pressure, also known as IOP, which also has the effect of treating glaucoma. Glaucoma is usually easily treatable, however, due to how it has no symptoms aside from the increased feeling of pressure in the eyes, they can sometimes go untreated, which is actually one of, if not the leading cause of blindness. There have been instances where glaucoma has already caused fluid buildup in the area, but no increased pressure was observed, so patients go on with their lives none the wiser. When it is detected, Alphagen has been an effective treatment when lowering the raised pressure within the eye or eyes. This product can be used by itself, or with other prescribed medication the doctor might recommend. There is Alphagen and Alphagen P 1.5, and the main difference is in the chosen preservative, where Alphagen makes use of benzalkonium chloride, and Alphagen P makes use of purite. 


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