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ALLERGAN (Vistabex)


Allergan plc is an Ireland-based American pharma group that develops, acquires, and manufactures some of the most well-known brand name medical devices and drugs in the market. They cater to a wide variety of medical disciplines including central nervous system treatments, eye care, and of course, medical aesthetics. This company was actually created in 2015 after the merging of two companies, Actavis plc and Allergan, Inc. In fact, on November of that year, it was supposed to merge with Pfizer as well, but was cancelled after the administration at the time announced its intension to ban tax inversions.      

One of the group’s products is Vistabex 50U. This product is also known as Vistabel or Botox, and contains the compound botulinum toxin type A, which is an FDA-approved and effective muscle relaxant. Although many might remember this ingredient as a key part of cosmetic operations that relax muscles to smoothen out wrinkles, it can also be used in a medical case that needs muscles to stop involuntarily twitch or spasm. Usually used in treating certain migraines and chronic headaches, it is also indicated for treating eye nerve disorders, cervical dystonia, and many more. 


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