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ALCON (Patanol)


This company is an American Swiss company that was founded as an independent company back in 1945, in Texas USA. It specializes in eye care products, and is now headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and is a result of multiple mergers. The original Alcon company is now a subsidiary, and is different from the much larger group that bears the same Alcon name, although the Us subsidiary’s headquarters still remain in Fort Worth. As of 2017 it employs over 20,000 people, and just in November of 2021, they acquired Ivantis and their patented glaucoma surgery stent technology.   

One of their many products in the ophthalmic space is Patanol, with the generic name of olopatadine. It was discontinued in the US, and in February of 2020 it was rebranded as Pataday Twice Daily Relief, which is now an over-the-counter medication. The solution is an antihistamine which reduces the natural chemical histamine in the body, as this chemical is responsible for producing symptoms of watery eyes or itchiness. It is mainly used for chronic allergies leading to the aforementioned symptoms, and has been used by millions of patients all over the world. 



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